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Calla womens

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Women Flower Mesh Tank Leotard Skylar
CAL181 | M-XL 
USD 47.95 USD 0
Short Sleeve Leotard Tina
CAL101 | M-XL 
USD 24.95 USD 0
Microfiber Stirrups Adult Ballet Tights
CAL79 | M-XL 
USD 14.95 USD 0
Adult Back Seam Footed Ballet Tights
CAL78 | M-L 
USD 11.95 USD 0
Triple Pack Adult Convertible Tights
CAL72T | S/M-L/XL 
USD 41.95 USD 0
Adults Convertible Ballet Tights Microfiber
CAL72 | S/M-L/XL 
USD 13.95 USD 0
Adult's Footless Microfiber Dance Tights
CAL71 | S/M-L/XL 
USD 10.95 USD 0
Triple Pack Adult Footed Ballet Tights
CAL70T | M-XL 
USD 32.95 USD 0
Beginner Full-Sole Leather Ballet Shoes
CAL401 | 25-42 
USD 22.50 USD 0
Kasia Women Shiny Lycra Long Sleeve Leotard
CAL202 | M-XL 
USD 34.95 USD 0
Shiny Lycra Short Sleeve Leotard Anastasia
CAL201 | M-XL 
USD 32.95 USD 0
Women Shiny Lycra Tank leotard Vittoria
CAL200 | M-XL 
USD 32.95 USD 0
Women Long Nylon Sweatpants Molly
CAL198 | M-XL 
USD 29.95 USD 0
Women Short Nylon Sweatpants Esther
CAL197 | M-XL 
USD 21.95 USD 0
Women Geo Mesh Mock Neck Biketard Nova
CAL186 | M-XL 
USD 59.95 USD 0
Women Geo Mesh Camisole Leotard Autumn
CAL185 | M-XL 
USD 47.95 USD 0
Women Geo Mesh Cap Sleeve Leotard Ariana
CAL184 | M-XL 
USD 47.95 USD 0
Women Geo Mesh Tank Leotard Adeline
CAL183 | M-XL 
USD 47.95 USD 0
Women Flower Mesh Cap Sleeve Leotard Genesis
CAL182 | M-XL 
USD 44.95 USD 0
Women Flower Mesh Camisole Leotard Paisley
CAL180 | M-XL 
USD 47.95 USD 0
Tank Metallic Top Roberta
CAL170 | M-XL 
USD 22.95 USD 0
Metallic Ankle Leggings Nadine
CAL169 | M-XL 
USD 32.95 USD 0
Metallic Hot Pants Janna
CAL168 | M-XL 
USD 18.95 USD 0
Metallic Crop Top Antonia
CAL167 | M-XL 
USD 22.95 USD 0
Sleeveless Unitard Matilde
CAL165 | M-XL 
USD 49.95 USD 0
Sleeveless Dance Leotard Agnes
CAL163 | M-XL 
USD 34.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Ballet Leotard Giselle
CAL162 | M-XL 
USD 37.95 USD 0
Tank Dance Leotard Eleonore
CAL161 | M-XL 
USD 29.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard Sylvie
CAL160 | M-XL 
USD 34.95 USD 0
Short Sleeve Leotard Inga
CAL159 | M-XL 
USD 29.95 USD 0
Tank Dance Leotard Alessandra
CAL158 | M-XL 
USD 29.95 USD 0
Camisole Long Dance Dress Leily
CAL156 | M-XL 
USD 49.95 USD 0
Camisole Dance Dress Danielle
CAL155 | M-XL 
USD 48.95 USD 0
Cap SleeveBallet Leotard Dinara
CAL151 | M-XL 
USD 42.95 USD 0
Camisole Ballet Body Oriane
CAL150 | M-XL 
USD 27.95 USD 0
Knee Length Georgette Ballet Skirt Renee
CAL149 | XS/S-M/L 
USD 24.95 USD 0

All our Women's Dance Leotards are manufactured with the best quality materials, and have incredible durability, sweat absorbing properties and support features. Cozy patterns are designed to provide maximum comfort for young and mature dancers. Our basic leotards collection is versatile for classes, rehearsals and on-stage performances. Our fashion collection will meet every dancer's taste, following current fashion trends of the dancewear market.

CALLA  breaks borders and limits with its ingenious creations. Leotards for ballet and gymnastics; different styles of dance and fashion wear; you will find a suitable outfit here. Camisole leotards, tank leotards, halter leotards or bodysuits with long or short sleeves.