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Long Sleeve Leotards

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Long Sleeve Leotard Lada
LUB347 | M-XL 
USD 75.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard with Bra Pockets Camellia
LUB345 | M-XL 
USD 106.95 USD 0
Women Pinch Front Leotard Alla
LUB339 | M-XL 
USD 88.95 USD 0
V-Back Leotard Veronika
LUB330 | M-XL 
USD 70.95 USD 0
Mesh Long Leo With Applique Carmen
LUF604 | M-XL 
USD 109.95 USD 0
LULLI Mesh Black Leotard Simona
LUF596 | M-XL 
USD 109.95 USD 0
Women Flocked Mesh Mock Neck Leotard Carol
LUF574 | M-XL 
USD 96.95 USD 0
Women Mesh Long Sleeve Leotard Viviane
LUF570 | M-XL 
USD 124.95 USD 0
Deco Mesh Long Sleeve Leotard Isidora
LUF555 | M-XL 
USD 83.95 USD 0
3/4 Sleeve Leotard Floral Mesh Justyna
LUF538 | M-XL 
USD 96.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard Zaira
LUF537 | M-XL 
USD 96.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard Gabriela
LUF525 | M-XL 
USD 109.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard Fiorella
LUF512 | M-XL 
USD 90.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard Romina
LUF510 | M-XL 
USD 85.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard Albertine Flower Mesh
LUF472 | M-XL 
USD 103.95 USD 0
Women Microfiber Long Sleeve Leotard Inez
LUB282 | M-XL 
USD 70.95 USD 0
Microfiber Gathered Long Sleeve Leotard Samantha
LUB279 | M-XL 
USD 72.95 USD 0
Long Cotton Dance Leotard Miranda
LUB210 | M-XL 
USD 59.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Cotton Ballet Leotard Liv
LUB202 | M-XL 
USD 54.95 USD 0

Our range of long sleeve leotards lets you extend your expression almost to your fingertips, as our original designs shade your arms with the same lovely elegance as the rest of you. As cozy as they are beautiful, these leotards are a delight to wear and behold. Explore our lovely selection. Perfect choice for training, be it ballet, dance, pole dancing or gymnastics.

In addition to popular black or white ballet dresses, we offer modern and classical style ballet leotards in more than 20 colors, which provide optimal comfort and support while dancing. They are perfect for ballet lessons, exams, auditions, presentations! The collection of lace and mesh leotards especially popular. Check out our selection of comfortable and flexible dance tights that can be worn by your leotard.