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Calla womens

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Dance Pants Assol
CAL132 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 34.95 USD 0
Full Seat Dance Briefs
CAL131 | XS-XL 
USD 22.95 USD 0
Dance Briefs
CAL130 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 14.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Lace Leotard Jojo
CAL129 | XS-XL 
USD 54.95 USD 0
Cap Sleeve Dance Leotard Angelina
CAL128 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 47.95 USD 0
Tank Lace Leotard Olga
CAL127 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 47.95 USD 0
Women Mesh Long Sleeve Leotard Hazel
CAL126 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 47.95 USD 0
Women Mesh Short Sleeve Leotard Brooklin
CAL125 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 42.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Dance Leotard Arabella
CAL124 | XS-XL 
USD 49.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Performance Leotard Renata
CAL123 | XS-XL 
USD 49.95 USD 0
Women Microfiber and Mesh Tank Leotard Savannah
CAL120 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 49.95 USD 0
Triple Crisscross Straps Camisole Leotard Judith
CAL119 | XS-XL 
USD 47.95 USD 0
Crisscross Straps Ballet Leotard Aisha
CAL118 | XS-XL 
USD 37.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Mock Turtle Leotard Liana
CAL117 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 52.95 USD 0
Turtleneck Dance Leotard Belina
CAL116 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 37.95 USD 0
Halter Dance Leotard Tamara
CAL115 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 32.95 USD 0
High Neckline Tank Leotard Olimpia
CAL113 | XS-XL 
USD 27.95 USD 0
Camisole Dance Leotard Faina
CAL112 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 29.95 USD 0
Tank Dance Leotard Shirley
CAL111 | XS-XL 
USD 29.95 USD 0
Short Sleeve Dance Leotard Michaela
CAL110 | XS-XL 
USD 32.95 USD 0
Tank Dance Leotard Theresa
CAL108 | XS-XL 
USD 39.95 USD 0
Camisole Crisscross Leotard Jane
CAL107 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 27.95 USD 0
Double Strap Camisole Leotard Larissa
CAL106 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 32.95 USD 0
Cap Sleeve Leotard Naomi
CAL105 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 29.95 USD 0
Camisole Leotard Chantal
CAL104 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 27.95 USD 0
Tank Leotard Adel
CAL103 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 24.95 USD 0
Long Sleeve Leotard Martha
CAL102 | XS-XL children Sizes
USD 27.95 USD 0

All our Women's Dance Leotards are manufactured with the best quality materials, and have incredible durability, sweat absorbing properties and support features. Cozy patterns are designed to provide maximum comfort for young and mature dancers. Our basic leotards collection is versatile for classes, rehearsals and on-stage performances. Our fashion collection will meet every dancer's taste, following current fashion trends of the dancewear market.

CALLA  breaks borders and limits with its ingenious creations. Leotards for ballet and gymnastics; different styles of dance and fashion wear; you will find a suitable outfit here. Camisole leotards, tank leotards, halter leotards or bodysuits with long or short sleeves.


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